In the Wake of Ukrainian Superheroes

We offer to organize a trip for schoolchildren to combine adventures and learn more about Ukrainian heroes – “opryshky” and insurgents.

We start our journey by visiting the museum in the village of Chernyk. Here, the unique materials about the history of the village where Oleksa Dovbush’s brothers-in-arms lived, as well as the heroes of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, are collected. We will look over the museum and its artifacts and head for the last “kryivka” (“hideout”) of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).

On the slope of Mount Berezovachka, Hrim’s bunker, the last hideout of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in Ukraine, is hidden amidst the trees. It is located just near the peak – at an altitude of 1,350 metres. Moss-covered boulders hide the window of the bunker not far from the trail.

It was here that in 1954 the legendary Colonel Hrim (“Thunder”), the head of the Carpathian Region Security Service, and the leader of the armed resistance movement of the Carpathian region Mykola Tverdokhlib, accepted a battle with the NKVD troops (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) and met his demise. The tragic story of kryivka is featured in the fictional film “Alive”. The kryivka was restored in the 1990s, and is now a place for paying tribute to UPA heroes.

A unique landscape of the Gorgany Nature Reserve, the peaks of Dovbushanka, Polienskyi, and Sadky is revealed from the peak of Mount Berezovachka.

How to get there

There are 2 routes to Mount Berezovachka: the most difficult, but the shortest of them lies through the Gorgany Nature Reserve. But since this is a protected area, passing through it is only possible with the permission of the reserve management. Therefore, it is recommended that you climb Mount Berezovachka from the direction of Chernyk village. The road is easier here; the length of the route is 7 kilometres.