Stone runs

The range crests and the mountain peaks in the reserve are covered with stone runs. In the local dialect these stones are called “gregoty” or “gorgany”, hence the name of the reserve and massif.

Stone runs make the peaks unique and unusual. Over time, small green and brown moss and lichens have started to grow on the stones, creating an impression of their extraterrestrial origin. However, in rainy weather, these stones become ordinary and very slippery, and in combination with strong wind they can make your journey rather extreme, so in bad weather you should be especially careful or better refrain from hiking at all.

The stone runs of the Gorgany Nature Reserve consist of sandstones that are almost resistant to weathering process, and therefore have remained deforested since the last glacial period. They occupy 604.8 hectares, accounting for 11.3% of the total area of the reserve.